Dick cheney torture speech

December 14, Score it Cheney 1, Todd zip. It was not torture, as it was not part of the program. Medical experts told the committee and others have said publicly that there is no legitimate reason for that technique, no justification other than to cause fear and pain. On the most infamous technique used — the drowning procedure known as waterboarding — Todd asked Cheney how it could be legal if Japanese interrogators were prosecuted for waterboarding allied POWs during World War II. John McCain — imprisoned and tortured for more than five years in Vietnam — pointed out that some of those Japanese interrogators who used waterboarding were executed.
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Dick Cheney's Misleading Torture Spin

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Torture: Dick Cheney all in on 'enhanced interrogation' - vademecummag.com

Dick Cheney , the former US vice-president, has claimed Osama bin Laden would not have been tracked down and killed if it had not been for information gathered by torturing captured al-Qaida leaders. In a robust defence of what he called "enhanced interrogation", Cheney said it produced "phenomenal" results and dismissed the Obama administration's investigations of its legality as "objectionable" and a "terrible precedent". Three people were waterboarded. Not dozens, not hundreds. And the one who was subjected the most often to that was Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, and it produced phenomenal results for us. But while Cheney, who was appearing at a question and answer session at the conservative American Enterprise Institute to promote his new memoir, In My Time, insisted only a small number of men were subjected to "enhanced interrogation", he made no mention of the rendition programme in which the US abducted individuals and handed them over to a third country for questioning under torture. Cheney said that waterboarding Khaled Sheikh Mohammed "helped produce the intelligence that allowed us to get Osama bin Laden".
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Torture: Dick Cheney all in on 'enhanced interrogation'

Violation of Geneva Conventions? The Supreme Court has since ruled that the detainees were entitled to minimum protections provided under the Geneva Conventions, including prohibitions against torture and humiliation. In recent interviews, Cheney has twice claimed the techniques used by the CIA did not run afoul of international agreements. Cheney, Dec. The Senate has seen fit to label their report torture.
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Waterboarding is a form of torture in which water is poured over a cloth covering the face and breathing passages of an immobilized captive, causing the person to experience drowning. Normally, water is poured intermittently to prevent death. However, if the water is poured uninterruptedly it will lead to death by asphyxia , also called dry drowning. Waterboarding can cause extreme pain, damage to lungs , brain damage from oxygen deprivation , other physical injuries including broken bones due to struggling against restraints, and lasting psychological damage. In the most common method of waterboarding, the captive's face is covered with cloth or some other thin material, and the subject is immobilized on their back at an incline of 10 to 20 degrees.
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