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Two YouTube science vloggers have tackled the persistent rumours around masturbation- that it can cause blindness, infertility or hairy palms - and explained that a little bit of self love is actually good for you. The Canadian pair explain that chemicals released by masturbation include dopamine, which triggers the pleasure centres of the brain and reduces stress, endorphins which reduce pain - including menstrual pain in women - and prolactin, which aids sleep. According to the duo, males especially benefit from masturbation when they are under the weather, as it increases the production of bacteria-fighting white blood cells. They say it can also help prevent prostate cancer, one of the most common cancers in men, by flushing out the carcinogenic toxins in the prostate more regularly.
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8 important questions the internet has about masturbation

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Masturbation is good for you, scientists explain | The Independent

Source: YouTube. You might think that in , people would have gotten the hang of masturbation, but no. Instead, the internet is full of questions about it. Source: Yahoo! One of the more persistent myths about masturbation is that it can leave menfolk with hairy palms. Source: Yahoo Answers.
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