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Nonetheless, acknowledging the shape, size, or even existence of this essential body part has not always been par for the course—even in the medical profession. To a major extent its study has been dominated by social factors. Free to download , the life-size model was designed by the French engineer, sociologist, and independent researcher Odile Fillod and released early last year. Historical accounts of the clitoris are plagued by disparagement or ignorance. Though Magnus, a renowned scholar in the Middle Ages, considered the clitoris as homologous to the penis, not all who succeeded him agreed. Decades later, in , the first 3-D sonography of the stimulated clitoris was completed by French Researchers.
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Your Clitoris Is Like an Iceberg — Bigger Than You Think

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SL Letter of the Day: Is My Big Clit a Medical Problem? - Slog - The Stranger

I'm a fifteen-year-old girl, and I have a pretty great relationship with my parents, but I'm nervous to tell them that I have an enlarged clit. I know this is a medical problem, but I'm seeking relationship advice with my parents. Should I trust them enough to ask them to see a Gyno? In the past, they've seemed reluctant to talk about it. The internet seems to think that it could be caused by an excess of testosterone. Is that why I seem so much more sexually inclined than the other girls my age? Is this weird?
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Show The Clitoris Some Love (Watch This Adorable Documentary First)

There's a lot of thought and consideration given to things like size, and girth, and a lot of ideas about masculinity get tied to their sexual organ. Men like to judge one another based on an the size of their appendages. To have a large dick is to be the manliest man, which is a marker of success that seems to matter very much to most men. Women do not judge one another based on the size of their vaginas or clitorises. But wouldn't it be fun if we talked about our vaginas the way men talk about their penises?
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The clitoris is a feat of nature designed purely for pleasure. But where is it? How does it work?
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